A Real Cold War Strategy Game
GDR / 1984
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“Die Spielelandschaft in der DDR war sehr dröge und trocken“
(Lothar Schubert, Erfinder von Ligato)
December 1984

Lothar Schubert invents and submits LIGATO.
VEB Plasticart responds to the submission of the game idea LIGATO "There are enough game ideas that need to be realized until 1990."
VEB Berlinplast thanks for submitting the idea LIGATO game and asks for patience.
VEB Berlinplast wants to produce LIGATO. However, since no resources are available, the realization will be postponed to 1988/1989.
VEB Berlinplast and Lothar Schubert sign an honorary agreement.
Central Committee Secretary Schabowski announces a new travel regime for citizens of the GDR at a press conference. The Berlin Wall falls.
VEB Berlinplast promises to produce prototypes of LIGATO.
The Berlinplast GmbH cancels the production of LIGATO as they no longer produce games. Lothar Schubert receives on LIGATO prototype.
Lothar Schubert asked for more prototypes. The Berlinplast GmbH answers that all other prototypes have disappeared.
Martin Thiele & Michael Geithner work on the project „Nachgemacht – Spielekopien aus der DDR“ that process the game culture of the GDR. They discover LIGATO.
Jointly with a strong team, the game will be released about 30 years after its creation.